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This loveable animal forms part of a set of SEVEN characters of the Classic Pooh Collection. Some are still available individually, most are now discontinued.
It is always better to have a full set if you can afford to, otherwise just pick your favourites!
27cm high, made in 1999 the first ever Winnie the Pooh bear. With his yellow fur and red waistcoat and facial expression he is a joy to own.
His value has increased phenomenally since his first issue and the miniatures now available in 2002 are just not the same. Although his edition size is 10,000 he is a rare find and his value will surely continue to escalate.

He comes in a presentation box with his white tag and Steiff button in his ear and detailed tag attached.
This animal forms part of the ORIGINAL set that Steiff have released and is therefore the FIRST. It is also the largest with the characters being based around the Winnie the Pooh which was released in 1999 and who stands around 27cm high.
The set consists of: Winnie the Pooh (1999), Eyore (2001), Tigger (2000), Rabbit (2000), Owl (2001) and Piglet, Kanga with Roo released in 2002.


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