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We endeavour to describe our bears as accurately as possible and all include their own box and certificate if they were originally issued with one, unless stated otherwise. If you do not see a bear you are looking for - please enquire as we have over 800 bears in stock at any one time. If an item is currently out of stock, please give us your details as we operate a short waiting list which has proven immensely successful. All of our Bears are packed ourselves and we use insured overnight couriers. Prices exclude delivery fees, packing is not charged for. Please refresh your screen regularly and revisit this site soon.

For further details please contact Helen Kendall Smith on (+44) 07799700587 or by email to  

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To view the bears you must click on the small picture. You will find further details of the item on the page that then opens for you. 

2000 UK Collectors
Steiff Bears  UK 2000

Harrods Rose Tavern Musical Bear
Steiff Harrods  Rose Tavern
Musical Bear

Jarthausend Millennium
Steiff Jarthausend

2001 UK Collectors
Steiff 2001 British

Golly Girl and Golly Boy
Steiff Golly Girl & Golly

Scottish 2001 Bear
Steiff Scottish 2001 Parliament Bear

Scottish Parliament Bear
Steiff Scottish Parliament

Steiff Club 2001
Steiff Club 2001

Steiff Schwarz Bear 2001
Steiff Schwarz Bear

1926 teddy clown 16cm
Steiff 1926 teddy clown 16cm

2002 British Collectors Bear
Steiff 2002 British
Collectors Bear

2002 Steiff Museum Bear
Steiff 2002 Museum

Centenary Bear 2002
Steiff Centenary Bear 2002

Steiff Christopher

Harley Davidson Bear
Steiff Harley Davidson Bear

Irish Bear
Steiff Irish Bear

PB55 Bear
Steiff PB55 Bear OOS

Queen Mother Guild Bear
Steiff Queen Mother Guild

Queens Jubilee Bear
Steiff Queens Jubilee Bear

Steiff Roby

2003 Little Devil
Steiff 2003 Little Devil

2003 Panda
Steiff 2003 Panda

2003 Sarong
Steiff 2003 Sarong

2003 Titanic Bear
Steiff 2003 Titanic Bear

70cm Pink Clown
Steiff 70cm Pink Clown

Daddey - Giengen Festival 2003
Steiff Daddey - Giengen
Festival 2003

Event Bear Black Rare
Steiff Event Bear Black Rare

First American Teddy
Steiff First American Teddy

Prince William Bear
Steiff Prince William Bear

Reindeer ideal gift
Steiff Reindeer ideal gift

Steiff BABY Hot Water Bottle Bear
Steiff BABY Hot Water
Bottle Bear

1921 replica
Steiff 1921 replica

1953 Replica Black Bear
Steiff 1953 Replica Black

McDonalds Bear
Steiff McDonalds Bear

Steiff BIG Winnie the Pooh
Steiff BIG Winnie the

Steiff Black bear with red collar
Steiff Black bear with
red collar

Steiff Bose Black bear
Steiff Bose Black

Steiff Rotary Bear
Steiff Rotary Bear

Steiff 1906 replica 70cm
Steiff 1906 replica

Steiff Koala Ted
Steiff Koala Ted


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