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Steiff UK Replica Bears Collectibles Bears  Antiques Bears , Vintage Bears Old Steiff Bears - a family business run from home.  All Steiff Bears are stored  securely at varying pet free and smoke free locations.  Please  call to confirm availability, we hate to disappoint!!

Please note that unless it says otherwise in the description then ALL our bears come with original box, certificate and tag if issued with one.

Don't forget some Steiff come in drawstring bags, others in boxes, some have Tag on Arm certificates and others full Sheet certificates!

Please note that where there may be several of an item in stock, conditions may vary according to age of the bear/box etc. In this situation prices will vary pro rata to condition.



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We will always try to be the most competetive and above all fair!



You can now  pay us by debit / credit card or PAYPAL

We are a Teddy Bear UK Company that has been established for over 13 years.

Experience is critical when purchasing Steiff Teddy Bears or any other Collectors item for that matter.

For a baby, for a girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, friend or relative - we have over 600 bears in stock to choose from!

Dont forget - stored in different locations - we have strict stocking criteria.

We will always try to be the most competetive and above all fair!

We sometimes purchase Bear collections that have met our own storage standards - call or email for a quotation.




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